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This article originally appeared on MediaShift. 

How do I define ‘Publishing’ and ‘Pushing’ in my headline? Publishing is journalism created and placed in different channels for audiences to discover and pull into their view. Pushing is engaging an audience where the specific news (and ads) each individual opts-in to receive ‘just shows up’ in their digital lives. 

"I’m surprised at how few media experts suggest reader self-personalization." 

I use the word “push” thanks to the Drupal guru Dries Buytaert who writes: “The current web is ‘pull-based,’ meaning we visit websites or download mobile applications. The future of the web is ‘push-based,’ meaning the web will be coming to us.”

In my recent fellowship at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute I researched how media orgs and advertisers can better vet and pilot innovation. Since then, I have focused that innovation on what Seth Godin said 16 years ago: “Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.”

Alter the idea slightly to: Permission media is the privilege of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant news content to people who actually want to get it.

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Kim Garretson  
Nonresidential fellow


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