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Adobe Spark visual storytelling apps

This week we look at Spark, a bundle of visual storytelling apps from Adobe that can enable journalists to create webpages, social graphics and animated videos.
Reporting by Whitney Matewe.

For more information:

  • Alex Rossi, Sky News Senior Correspondent, has produced several text- and photo-rich stories using Spark Page. A few examples include Steroid Nation, Death in the Desert and Brussels Lockdown.
  • Mobile reporter Neal Augenstein uses Spark Page to tease content on the WTOP-FM site. The Page versions of the stories — like Watergate Redux and a post about a bus driver’s misconduct — allow Augenstein to build more visually appealing versions of stories.
  • To view examples of Post and Video content created using Spark, browse the #SparkMade gallery.
  • On mobile, the Adobe Spark suite is essentially “an upgrade and rebranding of a trio of apps Adobe already operated,” TechCrunch reported. The Adobe Post app became Spark Post; Adobe Slate became Spark Page; and Adobe Voice became Spark Video.
  • Users can access the Spark suite for free on any browser. Additionally, Spark Page, Post and Video are available as mobile apps on iOS.

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