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LucidCam: 3-D, 180-degree virtual reality

This week we look at a new tool called LucidCam, a camera that shoots 3-D, 180-degree virtual reality. The consumer-level camera is about the size of an iPhone 5 and captures high-resolution video and photos. CEO and co-founder Han Jin says LucidCam stands out from other VR cameras because most record in 2D, 360 degrees. Jin explains why this might be a better option for journalists.
Reporting by Mitchel Summers and Rachel Wise.

For more information:

  • LucidCam raised more than $114,000 through a successful Indiegogo campaign and received more than $2 million from several investors. The company recently partnered with Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron to begin mass production later this year.
  • Videos made using LucidCam can be viewed in the Lucid app, which is available on both iOS and Android.
  • LucidCam is available for pre-order now. Shipping to the U.S. and Europe is expected to begin in December.
  • According to Lucid’s industrial designer, the inspiration for the camera's design came from the Apple Mouse.
  • While Jin says shooting in 180 degrees makes more sense — "because you don't have eyes in your back" — he understands that some people prefer 360-degree experiences and says LucidCam can accommodate that. Because the camera has rounded edges, it's possible to attach three devices to a special tripod and record in 360 degrees.

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