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Futures Lab update

Weekly. The Futures Lab update is RJI’s weekly video on the latest innovations in journalism for newsroom leaders of today and tomorrow. The newsletter highlights each segment of this week’s episode, linking you directly to the video and supplemental material produced by RJI’s Futures Lab.

RJI links

Weekly. RJI links you to the latest news and commentary of interest to journalism innovators and entrepreneurs from around the Web. This curated list will keep you up to date on the latest developments in one convenient email newsletter.

RJI weekend

Weekly. A regular weekend newsletter briefly summarizing all the goings on at RJI.


Intermittent. Each year, RJI plays host to a cohort of new Reynolds Fellows who conduct research and pursue projects to advance the practice and the business of journalism. Get news about what our Fellows are doing as soon as it becomes available.


Intermittent. For nearly 75 years, Pictures of the Year International has been the premier photojournalism competition. Receive news about each year’s competition as well as PoYI’s regular displays of the finest examples of photojournalism in the world.


Intermittent. Research is one of the core missions of RJI. Facts, figures and interpretation of the data addressing today’s journalism landscape are critical information for any media operation. RJI’s team of experts, joined by Reynolds Fellows, produce the research that’s key to the sustainability of journalism.


Intermittent. How to maintain the business of journalism is a core topic for RJI. We regularly produce research or develop projects that address the real-world issues of running a sustainable business in a fast-moving economy.


Intermittent. RJI regularly puts on events designed to address the most pressing topics in journalism today. Receive emails announcing our latest events, instructions on how to sign up and follow up information gathered from the event’s presentations.

Social media

Intermittent. Social media has quickly risen as both an indispensable tool and disruptive influence on modern journalism. RJI is looking for ways journalists can use social media to enhance their reporting and expand their audience.


Intermittent. Technology drives the pace of change, not just in journalism, but in all the modern world. Reporters, publishers and others in the media sphere need to know how current technical trends affect their bottom line.


Intermittent. RJI will occasionally have special events or projects with their own mailing list.



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